Self Hosted Al Operation Platform

Unleash Team Productivity with Secure, In-House AI Tools

Team-Driven AI Customization Platform

Open-source. Adaptable, Custom AI to optimize workflows and interdepartmental teamwork.

Tailored AI Solutions

A Cost-effective Open Source Solution

CollaborativeAI, an open source AI assistant platform offers customization to meet your unique needs. The platform stands out by offering a wide selection of AI models including the latest advancements such as GPT-4, Gemini, and Claude. Specialize your AI approach to optimize your business operations, drive innovation, and address bespoke problems. As the architect of your digital strategies, design self hosted AI assistants that advance alongside your business growth.

On-Site Data Security

Your Data, Your Server

With CollaborativeAI, you can achieve unparalleled data security on your terms through self hosted AI Assistants. Keep your AI ecosystem within the safety of your servers, ensuring that your critical data remains exclusively within your purview. Our dedication to on-premise hosting offers you the peace of mind that your proprietary information, sensitive data, and intellectual property are sheltered from external threats. Realize the full potential of AI with the confidence that comes from uncompromised data security.

Unleash Productivity and Innovation

Boost Employee Productivity with Self Hosted AI Assistants

Adopt an environment where productivity and innovation flourish with CollaborativeAI, an open source AI assistant platform. It's more than about utilizing AI—it's about enhancing it to carve out new paths of success. With access to sophisticated AI models, your enterprise is equipped to enhance productivity, reinvent processes, and generate groundbreaking ideas. Automate the mundane and simplify the complex, giving you the focus needed to lead your business toward a future bright with innovation.

Feature Overview

Self Hosting on Your Cloud

Gain full control by hosting the open source AI assistant platform on your cloud, ensuring data privacy with your API codes.

Team Management

Manage teams with private accounts, and customizable access levels (Departments).

Prompt Templates

Utilize generic templates to streamline team usage.

Departmental Access & Assistant Assignment

Allocate self hosted AI assistants to specific departments for cohesive access.

Customizable AI Assistants

Create personalized AI assistants for users or organizations.

Tagging Feature in Chats

Organize and retrieve chat data efficiently with custom tags.

Chat Storage and Retrieval

Save all chats and replies for future analysis, with an option to restore accidentally deleted chats from Trash.

Optimized Performance

Experience our high-speed, efficient open source AI assistant platform. Our clients have been using it for over a year, with some spending $1500-$2000 per month on the API.

File Upload & GPT-4 Vision Integration

Enhance interactions with self hosted AI assistants by uploading files for analysis and sending pictures for AI description.

Future Enhancements

Anticipate new functionalities like API-based function calls, Python code execution, and integration with Gemini and other APIs.

Upcoming Free Mobile App

Access on the go with a soon-to-be-released app.

Support Packages



  • Installation

  • 2 Training Sessions

  • Free update for 6 months

  • 10 Assistants


  • Installation

  • Support for 1 year

  • Free software update for 1 year

  • 20 Assistants

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