Enterprise edition

Introducing CollaborativeAI - Enterprise Edition! Engineered for large-scale organizations, this enterprise-grade package offers more choice, more control, advanced security and training, tailored support, and performance enhancements that scale with the needs of enterprise operations.

Why Choose the Enterprise Edition?

Experience the power of a tested, supported, and certified open source AI enterprise solution - greater power, precision, and peace of mind!

Feature Comparison Chart

Feature Open-Source Edition Enterprise Edition
Basic Team Collaboration ✔️ ✔️
Advanced Security Features ✔️
Performance Enhancements ✔️
Premium 24/7 Support ✔️
Dedicated Account Management ✔️
Custom Scalable Infrastructure ✔️
Comprehensive Analytics Suite ✔️
Priority Feature Request ✔️

Advanced Features

Uncompromising Security

Stringent data protection and regulatory compliance measures safeguard your most sensitive information, giving you peace of mind.

Limitless Scalability

Seamlessly handle soaring workloads and collaborator volumes without sacrificing performance, ensuring your AI capabilities grow with your ambitions.

Dedicated Support

Exclusive to enterprise clients, our dedicated support team is available around the clock, providing rapid assistance for any challenge you face.

Tailored for Your Industry's Demands

CollaborativeAI's Enterprise Edition is meticulously crafted to conquer even the most complex enterprise requirements across diverse sectors, delivering AI capabilities tailored to your unique needs.

World-Class Customer Experience

Our unwavering commitment extends far beyond software provision. Enjoy comprehensive onboarding, bespoke training resources, and a dedicated account manager invested in your success, ensuring a world-class experience from day one.

Trust in Compliant Innovation

With a steadfast focus on GDPR, HIPAA, and beyond, our enterprise edition prioritizes rigorous compliance measures, offering rigorous compliance measures to protect your data.

Transparent Investment, Quantifiable Returns

Designed to be clear, fair, and scalable, providing a seamless path to AI integration. Inquire about volume discounts and tailored licensing arrangements for a perfect fit with your budget.

Your Workflow, Supercharged

Integration capabilities and customizable options mean CollaborativeAI molds perfectly to your operational infrastructure.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Using CollaborativeAI (Enterprise Edition)?

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

⦿ AI Assistants automate routine tasks like drafting documents and parsing communications.

⦿ Prompt templates ensure quick, consistent AI interactions.

⦿ Enhanced project management through AI saves hours per person daily.

Better Cost Savings

⦿ Self-hosting on a private cloud with your API can be more cost-effective.

⦿ Monitoring API usage optimizes resource utilization and controls spending.

Improved Decision-Making

⦿ AI-powered analytics provide insights guiding strategic decisions.

⦿ Custom AI assistants support data-driven decisions with timely recommendations.

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

⦿ Self-hosting on private clouds protects sensitive information.

⦿ Private accounts and access control maintain confidentiality.

Easier Team Collaboration

⦿ Granular access enables seamless work with shared AI assistants.

⦿ Department-tailored AI harmonizes cross-functional collaboration.

Customized AI Assistance

⦿ Create AI assistants reflecting operational language and culture.

⦿ Personalized user experience through tailored AI interactions.

Enhanced Customer Service

⦿ Tailored prompts enable adaptive, efficient customer responses.

⦿ AI assists in crafting quality follow-up communications.

Innovative Marketing and Sales

⦿ AI-generated content connects better with target audiences.

⦿ Intelligent analysis informs marketing strategies.

Scalability and Flexibility

⦿ Capabilities expand to accommodate business growth.

⦿ Adaptable to various industries.

Continuous Improvement

⦿ Ongoing updates keep you at the cutting edge of AI.

⦿ Open-source encourages community-driven enhancements.

Support Packages



  • Installation

  • 2 Training Sessions

  • Free update for 6 months

  • 10 Assistants


  • Installation

  • Support for 1 year

  • Free software update for 1 year

  • 20 Assistants

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