Watch Your Non-Profit's Mission Grow with Next-Gen AI Assistants

Streamline operations, enhance data security, drive increased donor engagement, and focus on making a meaningful difference.

Redefine Non-Profit Donor Management with Custom AI!

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Our AI is customized for donor management, is tailor-made to fit your unique needs, and is a seamless extension of your organization's commitment to its mission. Improve donor relations, launch precise campaigns, and manage data with ease – all while making a bigger impact.

Assured Security for Donor Data Integrity

Your donors trust you, and we take that seriously. CollaborativeAI is built with state-of-the-robust security measures to shield all sensitive information. Your donor data stays confidential and protected, always.

Intuitive Adoption with Minimal Training

Embrace a system that's as intuitive and easy to adopt as it is powerful. Our AI requires minimal training — watch your team navigate the platform efficiently, leaving more room for impactful work.

Expert Support and Training for Full-Speed Adoption

Your journey is ours, too. Our AI solution merges seamlessly with your existing CRM. Ongoing support and expert training ensure your journey with new software is smooth sailing and years of donor interactions are unharmed.

Communications That Resonate

Our AI personalizes every donor interaction and communication. Cultivate a stronger connection with your supporters through messages that resonate with precision and care.

Free Up Time for Impactful Work

Our AI takes on routine tasks, opening a world of time for strategic thinking and mission-critical projects. Liberate your team from the day-to-day grind.

Actionable Insights for Better Contributions

Our platform provides the analytics that leads to actionable strategies, for enhanced donor generosity. Our powerful analytics tools give visibility into donor trends and engagement levels. CollaborativeAI hands you the keys to data that can refine and perfect your outreach strategies.

Drive Donor Satisfaction and Loyalty

Our AI enriches the donor experience, fostering loyalty, and encouraging long-term commitment to your non-profit’s vision. You get to nurture lasting bonds that not only retain but also grow your donor base.

Take the first step towards a more effective and secure donor management experience. Get started with CollaborativeAI and increase your non-profit's potential. Let’s connect and make a meaningful impact together!

How CollaborativeAI Addresses Your Concerns?

Customization Concerns

Worried about fitting CollaborativeAI into your organization? We offer personalized workflows and extensive customization options to align precisely with your non-profit’s specific needs.

Complexity Worries

Worried about complexity? Our intuitive interface is built for easy adoption, backed by extensive support and education, even for less tech-savvy staff. With comprehensive training resources and ongoing support, your team will feel confident navigating the platform in no time.

Integration Disruptions

Concerned about disruptions to ongoing campaigns and donor interactions? CollaborativeAI guarantees a fluid setup, ensuring continuity and minimizing errors as you transition. Our dedicated support team will guide you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition.

Transition Productivity

Anxious about maintaining productivity during the transition? We prioritize a smooth onboarding so your team can quickly gain proficiency, keeping your mission moving without missing a beat.

Feature Overview

Self Hosting on Your Cloud

Gain full control by hosting the open source AI assistant platform on your cloud, ensuring data privacy with your API codes.

Team Management

Manage teams with private accounts, and customizable access levels (Departments).

Prompt Templates

Utilize generic templates to streamline team usage.

Departmental Access & Assistant Assignment

Allocate self hosted AI assistants to specific departments for cohesive access.

Customizable AI Assistants

Create personalized AI assistants for users or organizations.

Tagging Feature in Chats

Organize and retrieve chat data efficiently with custom tags.

Chat Storage and Retrieval

Save all chats and replies for future analysis, with an option to restore accidentally deleted chats from Trash.

Optimized Performance

Experience our high-speed, efficient open source AI assistant platform. Our clients have been using it for over a year, with some spending $1500-$2000 per month on the API.

File Upload & GPT-4 Vision Integration

Enhance interactions with self hosted AI assistants by uploading files for analysis and sending pictures for AI description.

Future Enhancements

Anticipate new functionalities like API-based function calls, Python code execution, and integration with Gemini and other APIs.

Upcoming Free Mobile App

Access on the go with a soon-to-be-released app.

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