Product Overview

CollaborativeAI: Create Your Own AI Platform

CollaborativeAI is an open-source platform that uses advanced AI through Gemini, Claude AI, and OpenAI’s API to implement AI across your organization securely. Elevate Collaboration, Increase Productivity, Customize Innovation Among Teams

What Can You Do with CollaborativeAI?


Take complete control with self-hosting on your private clouds. Keep internal data confidential, playing by your rules, not someone else’s. Secure API interactions? Check. Exclusive cloud privileges? Double-check.


You decide the hierarchy of access for each department. Get private, department-specific accounts with adjustable permissions. Tailor access only to insiders and relevant contributors while granting necessary permissions only to initiate progress and drive performance.


Boost productivity with CollaborativeAI's pre-configured prompt templates, designed for instant use. Customize these intelligent prompts to fit your processes. They help simplify routine AI tasks so every process moves forward efficiently.


Assign dedicated AI assistants to your departments, enabling seamless cooperation. Our advanced organizational tools, including bespoke tagging systems, ensure quick retrieval and excellent data management, tailored to your unique business needs.


Experience a user interface that prioritizes both speed and security. Rely on reliable chat storage/retrieval, file uploads, and GPT-4 Vision Integration, providing a conclusive analytical edge within a secure environment.


Upload and analyze critical data files with the rich, multimodal insights from AI integrations like GPT-4 Vision and Claude. CollaborativeAI streamlines your data processes, infusing them with unparalleled accuracy and depth, empowering informed decision-making.

Get Started with a Template

Here are some of our most popular templates:

Choose one of the customizable templates, or build one from scratch.

Getting Started with CollaborativeAI

Launch Your Platform

  • Install the Essentials: Integrate CollaborativeAI with your private cloud infrastructure using unique API codes, securing your data governance.

  • Create User Accounts: Set up accounts for your team, customizing access based on their roles within the organization.

  • Configure AI Assistants: Infuse your tailored AI assistants with your company's culture and language for seamless adoption into your daily operations.

Daily Workflow Integration

  • Utilizing Prompt Templates: Utilize our library of intelligent prompt templates to hasten daily tasks and enhance team productivity.

  • Departmental AI Assistants: Empower your departments with specialized AI assistants committed to supporting your team's goals.

System and Data Management

  • Data Tagging and Retrieval: Organize your data with our intuitive tagging feature, making information retrieval a breeze.

  • Uploading Files for AI Analysis: Upload files or images for in-depth AI analysis.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

  • API Usage Tracking: Monitor API usage to ensure resource optimization across your team's operations.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

  • Experience Enhancements: Customize the platform to fit your preferences, including switching between day and night modes.


What are the system requirements for CollaborativeAI?

CollaborativeAI is a web-based platform, hence it requires an internet connection and a compatible web browser. For optimal performance, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

How do I install CollaborativeAI on my cloud?

Installation involves setting up the platform on your server infrastructure. Detailed guides are available upon request, and customer support is here to assist you throughout the process.

Can CollaborativeAI integrate with my existing tools?

Yes, CollaborativeAI is designed to integrate with popular industry tools and platforms. Our open API facilitates seamless connectivity with your current tech stack.

Is there a tutorial available to understand how to use the AI prompts effectively?

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive documentation, including visual guides and best practices to help users leverage AI prompts to their fullest potential here.

It’s already easy to use. But we’re still there to help your whole team utilize CollaborativeAI effectively as you grow.

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