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On-Site Data Security

Your Data, Your Server

With CollaborativeAI, you can achieve unparalleled data security on your terms through self hosted AI Assistants. Keep your AI ecosystem within the safety of your servers, ensuring that your critical data remains exclusively within your purview. Our dedication to on-premise hosting offers you the peace of mind that your proprietary information, sensitive data, and intellectual property are sheltered from external threats. Realize the full potential of AI with the confidence that comes from uncompromised data security.

Department-wise Assistant Security

CollaborativeAI's on-site data security ensures all teams can create and utilize assistants securely. From technical managers, and project development to marketing, HR, and business teams, confidently deploy AI assistants. Your data remains secure and within your control with our platform. Assistant access is granted to relevant teams, enabling seamless collaboration while protecting data integrity. Strict access controls maintain privacy across departments and projects.

Team-based Assistant Access

CollaborativeAI provides granular access controls for team-based AI assistant usage. Define precise access permissions for seamless collaboration while protecting data integrity and privacy. Assign privileges based on roles, ensuring relevant assistant access for each team member. Create project-specific AI assistants with access granted to respective teams. Maintain data separation with predefined boundaries, compartmentalizing sensitive information.

Comprehensive audit logs offer visibility into assistant usage for security and compliance monitoring.

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